Unlock the Mind


It’s been a while since I’ve posted on this blog. I believe that it was October… It’s kind of sad how long it’s been, but we are going to act like my last post was yesterday, and I’m going to get to the information I want to share.

Because of an awesome friend I’ve decided to do the Blogging U. Challenge. Today is the first day, or technically, the second day. I only just signed up yesterday, so it’s okay that I’m behind. What else am I to expect? I’m always behind when it comes to work I need to do.

Today’s topic is to free for 20 minutes about anything, the twist is that I actually have to post. I’ve been writing for about 5 minutes now, I don’t really know what else there is to say. I guess I can talk about that story I had in mind when I started this blog all those months ago.

It starts with a person that dies suddenly, I haven’t given much thought to gender I’ll decide when it’s time. I was thinking that a car crash is the best way to go, or maybe a freak accident that is completely unexpected. A bear came into their home and ate them? Yes? Maybe the car crash is best. (: After the death they get sent to a place that’s neither heaven or hell, in this place they see where they go next. (In my mind all religions and non religions coexist and in this plane you figure out what’s next. My person wasn’t religious, they believe that if you did right you’d be fine in life. ) This person is supposed to be getting helped by guilds, spirit guilds if you will.

But when they get there, there is no one to help them. They are pissed about being dead in the first place, because they weren’t ready to go, life was good. This random guild comes up to them bitching about not leaving your guild and come to find out that our main character’s guild was killed. The new guild and the character are on a mission to find out what’s going on and why someone would kill a guild. ( How do you kill a spirit? I don’t know, haven’t got there yet.)

I was thinking that the BigBad was someone who hated being dead so much that they killed their guild to get away to go back to the random place they came from, but found out that they could have way more power and could go anywhere from the in-between plane. New planets, the future, the pasts, imaginary places, anywhere. Then it becomes a big thing, the main character is going to try to help restore balance.

Other than that, I haven’t given much thought to the story. I’ve forgotten a lot of it, I should’ve written it down as soon as it came into my mind.

Anyway, this is just one of my thoughts, my time is up, I guess that for today I am done. This week I’m going to be behind a day, everyday. On Monday I’ll be back on the same schedule as everyone else.

Happy blogging!



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