How Mermaids are made.

READ FIRST– IMG_0668I saw this random thing on Tumblr and I said I was going to write it but I never did. Then the other day a friend of mind said he couldn’t sleep, so I wrote a piece as a bed time story. I haven’t read it over and it was in text. I’m not going to read it over for a week or so then I will come back and fix it up. For now I just want to post it. 

So imagine a lady who stored away on a ship. This long time ago, like 1200 or something. This ship was a pirate ship. She didn’t know it was going she just had to get away because she had stole a necklace and the police were after her.

She’s on the ship and it’s in the middle of the ocean and one of the Pirates find her and he is mad, it is bad luck for a woman to be on the ship. He gets the captain and he says that she had to go. Had to go now, they can’t go back but she had to go or they will all die.

So they toss her over.

No second thoughts about it.

She’s sinking so quickly and she doesn’t know what to do. She’s mad at herself because it was just a stupid necklace and she shouldn’t have taken it.

But she’s more mad at those pirates because how could they do that when all she need was safe passage to another place. She’s only a girl and she needed help but they wouldn’t help her. She’s going down even faster because she’s fighting it and the water doesn’t take no for an answer.

As she’s fighting she sees a light but the light isn’t coming from anywhere really, it’s illuminating from inside of her and her legs aren’t moving it’s becoming one and suddenly she can breath. But she’s still under water and she doesn’t know what’s going on but she’s still mad.

She’s no longer sinking her she has a fin and it feels likes she’s flying.

When she makes it to the surface of the water she can see the boat in the distance and all she wants is to get to it. Make them pay for what they’ve done.

As she swims it gets darker and darker and she finally catches up with them. One of them sees her and he doesn’t realize who it is. He just see such a beautiful woman in the ocean and he’s mesmerized. She calls out to him, in a very lovely singing voice.

It’s like nothing he ever heard before so he jumps into the water because the only thing he can think about is getting to her. When he finally does. She stops singing and he sees who she is and what she had become but it’s too late.

He opens his mouth to scream but before a single sound comes out he is submerged under the water. She dragged him down until he fought no more.

Thanks for reading with the mistakes and all. This blog is like a journal of my writings, so there are going to be a lot of mistakes. 


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