Nature Stand

Even without standing here I can close my eyes and picture it. It’s not the same everyday but I’m picturing it the way it was yesterday or maybe the way it is today, or maybe neither and I’ve made up a new view to fit how it was and how it is today.

Every morning the first thing I do is take Wolfgang out. He’s laying on my face to let me know it’s time. He’s sweet like that. We run down the stairs to get out side. He runs because I run, I run so that he doesn’t stop and get distracted and go in the house. When we finally make it outside, he continues to run, or hop. He’s a tiny little thing.

I stand on this deck and watch him. Today there is snow on the ground, and I stand here freezing in my pajamas. Back in the summer I’d go and sit on the swing. A bit chilly depending on when we got up, but still a lot warmer than it is today. The trees have no snow, either because it melted or because the little limbs couldn’t hold any. I’ll go with because it melted, the trees in my neighbors’ yards don’t have any either.

I don’t want to take a step off the deck. This spot is the best spot to see everything. The squirrel trying to get food in Mrs. Jayne’s bird feeder, Wolf tying to get the squirrel. If I come too far off the deck Wolf will come by me instead of doing his business. I need him to do his business so I can go inside and do mine. Plus, it’s so cold.

He takes his time. The earlier it is the longer time he takes. The backyard probably loves him for it. Loves that someone cares enough to give it a bit of attention. If it was summer still, I would sit my lazy butt on that swing. I’d bring Wolf out just to play and run around. Let the backyard know that we are here and it is useful.

Going down the stairs of the deck, my boots fall into rocks. The same rocks that I hate when I happen to forget to put on shoes. The rocks are beautiful there, they make the deck look nice, but they don’t do anything good for my feet. Then onto the grass. The snow isn’t too hard and if it were ice frozen over, I’d fall in. I guess I kind of do fall in, I break the snow until I’m standing on grass. Still mostly snow.

In walking distance, less than a mile, there is a little seated area and I don’t know why it’s there. I haven’t been in a while and I’m wondering why I didn’t walk there to write about how beautiful it is and about how my precious little Wolfgang loves to go on walks there; loves for me to carry him there. Why not any other place than my backyard?

A backyard that I’ve only known for six months. A backyard to a house I never even wanted to move into. I loved the apartment that we use to live in. It was perfect and the summers there were beautiful. The way the lake sparkled at night, not just from the moon, but because there were little fountains at both ends. To be honest, I really didn’t want to leave because I don’t really like change, but that other stuff is great too.  Even so, this is a backyard that you can say I fell in love with. That’s why. The girl who doesn’t like to be outside has found a place absent of walls, doors, and windows that she loves. She loves the swing that seems to want to collapse under her when she sits. The second backyard that no one goes to. The backyard that is far back and gated it in, it even has chicken wire around it. I think that maybe the people before me used it for a big dog. Wolf and I stay up front, we have everything we need in the first one. The one all the way in the back use to hold the swing, but the man who cuts the grass thought I’d like it better in the first part. He was right.

Because of that, the backyard became a place I don’t mind sitting for hours waiting for something to happen. As of now, I would rather go in but Wolf has only peed. It’s eight, what did I expect but for him to take as much time as he can?


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