Book Review

At my local library, we are allowed to check out audiobooks. I’ve known this for over a year now, but I just think about how it’s free but Audible keeps trying to get me to subscribe to them. I’m a poor college student, that is not happening anytime soon. And the library has a really good selection.

Point is, I checked out Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. I’m actually listening to it right now. I should probably pause it so I can listen to it more clearly, but it’s just so great that I can’t pause it. Have you listened to it before? If not, I would recommend it.

It’s got parts that don’t exactly apply to me, but the message could be applied to everything. Making me want to do a year of yes. And I think I might. I’m also going to review the book on Saturday and post the review probably Sunday.

I’m almost finished with it now but I want to learn how to review a book first. I’ve only ever done it for class, and it’s been a while. This is also a way for me to work on critically thinking about anything that I might read or see. It’s one of the hardest parts about my major, it takes me a long to look at something and come up with my own ideas and meanings for what I’m seeing.

My actual year of yes post will be on my other blog, not this one but in the review I will post a link just in case someone wants to read it.



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